Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being a return from my studies

Most sincere apologies for my extended absense. Alas but I had the opportunity to further my mathematical studies, and as these opportunities are not always readily available. But I am now on a summer recess from these studies and once more have the opportunity to undertake my own studies. I have a great love of the orchid native to New England, the pink lady slipper. It only blooms for a few weeks in the spring, and I have been fortunate to see them blooming. I have begun a study of their population in the area - my first step was simply walking through the forest where I had seen them and marking each plant I saw with a stake so that I will be able to track the plants through time. In just the first hour I walked, I found 66 plants! And this is a rare flower! This is no doubt a special location for these orchids!