Monday, June 21, 2010

On Being detained

Alas but that I have been completely unable to do any sort of… well anything the last days on account of being detained by one Mr. B. who has detained both myself and Captain Izumi on suspicion of piracy. It is of course entirely true but one must never let certain types know as much. Fortunately of course our ship is well designed with false doors and floors throughout such that even the most thorough search ought to reveal nothing to even the most skilled investigator which of course Mr. B. is most certainly not or else he would realize at once the captain of the ship we were accused of attacking, one Captain U. is known to sell his own cargo then reporting it stolen and has done it at least twice before. It seems to happen whenever he is transporting rum and sugar from the West Indies. Unfortunately Mr. B. apparently hasn’t even interviewed the captain and of course since the Falcon’s Vengeance has some rumours about it being better armed than a mere merchant ship ought be, he had enough power to be able to detain us for most of the last week and Falcon’s Vengeance is still grounded and may be for another week while he tries once again to find non-existent evidence against us. I wonder if he has something against our family personally or if he is merely overzealous in pursuit of pirates in general?

Of courses the entire situation has Captain Izumi in quite a temper – she understandably hates being detained and even worse having uninvited individuals searching her ship. While Mr. B. thought he had a problem with Piracy before, he has not faced the wrath of a wrongly detained pirate captain before and Captain Izumi will no doubt spend the next weeks or even months stealing any delivery specifically to Mr. B. Meanwhile I have written my family about having him relieved from his duties as town sheriff, which I imagine will sooth Captain Izumi’s temper enough that we can resume our flight path in time for the Faire in Hartford in a couple short weeks.


  1. What an inconvenience! Poor Mr. B. He has no clue what wrath he was coming to him.

    I hope you have clear sailing to the port in Hartford! I am sure I will see you there upon your arrival!