Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travels and Returns

I am most relieved that my recent studies of the flower Cypripedium acaule has not prevented me from taking further travel. I took an airship to the southern state of Louisiana and spent most of the weekend dining on the local cuisine. It was quite more spicy than that which is prepared in New England, however quite good. And they used crawfish in everything, which in the North is hardly considered edible when compared to the Lobster... It is so much more work for such a smaller amount of meat, but the advantage of course is that it can be eaten without resorting to weapons to open the shell - the tail can simply be pulled off and the shell torn away using just one's fingernails, which would lead to no small amount of frustration and failure if it was tried on a lobster. I will need to consider further the differences between the species, as it is quite striking that they are indeed related species, and yet such markedly different sizes...

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